Don't Mind Me

I grew up in a blink of an eye
Spent so many years watching time fly by
Till I finally started wondering why
I wasted all my days.

So I took out a new lease on life
Rented that old space for just half price
Then I packed my bags and didnít think twice
Said goodbye to yesterday.

I bumped into some skeptics on my way
Donít bother to convince them, I just turn to them and say.

Donít you donít you donít mind me
Iím busy chasing all my dreams
Donít stand in my way if you donít believe
Cause this ainít your everyday fantasy
No matter what you say youíre gonna see
That Iíll end up where Iím supposed to be
So donít you donít you donít you
Donít you don't you don't you don't mind me.

I worked my day job to pay the rent
Wrote songs at night till my heart's content
Donít matter if the odds are one percent
Theyíre still never too small.

I met up with some folks just like me
Also living on dreams and destiny
Saw our names in lights out in Tennessee
One day weíd show them all.

Seems we heard no each time the sun would set
Still we took time to listen, knowing one day weíd hear yes.


This ainít where my story ends
See I formed a band with my new found friends
And all those people stopped questioniní
When they came to hear us play.

So dreams are never really too big
If you want it that bad you just got to give
Each ounce of your heart every day you live
And remember just to say
Remember just to say.

Chorus x2