Heart of Steel

Heart of steel
Veins of gold
Twenty years
Still she feels old
Tired of the same fate coming 'round for her.

Black and blue
White as a ghost
She used to think
He loved her most
The mirror shows apologies are not a cure.

She may feel weak, her heart stays strong despite it
She still believes that somehow she can right this.

She'll get through this though she's been told
She'll never make it on her own
She as strong and rich as any soul
She's got a heart of steel
And veins of gold
She's got a heart of steel
And veins of gold.

But working hard
Her face shows all
Her battle scars
Her eyes hold hope that someday things are gonna change.

Grandpa's car
One suitcase
Gravel road
To interstate
With each mile another bruise begins to fade.

Her heart beats fast as she stays sure and steady
Her load’s released and life's no longer heavy.


She's got pennies to her name
But she's richer than you think
She may seem like supergirl
Her steel heart's beat everything.

Chorus x2